High Key Finance: Thomson Reuters Eikon Tokyo Street Campaign

Thomson Reuters Eiko street campaign, TokyoOut to today to take some shots of our Thomson Reuters street team in action at Tokyo station. We’re promoting the new Eikon financial product with chances to win a seat on the eco-friendly new vehicle that will vie for the land speed record in reaching the South Pole in December. And one iPad

Kick Out The Spams

No Spam

I’m really sick of spam.

Not the man-up-Viagra-adult-friend-finder-banker-in-Nairobi-discount-luxury-watches kind of spam. I mean, I hate that, too but I have pretty much eliminated it from my life with a series of good spam filters, junk email rules, and just plain being cautious with my e-mail address. No, the spams I am talking about are the unwitting ones. The ones from the people who don’t think they are doing it. Or worse – just don’t care. 

Whisky Undead 2010

Ichiro's Malt at Whisky Live.

Ichiro’s Malt at Whisky Live.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow. I guess that’s really three days, but for me it’s a countdown.