Aug 10, 2018: Medical unversity, hot stats, daylight savings, justice minister and octopus mystery.

In this week’s news from Japan Today: Prestigious Tokyo Medical University admits to limiting acceptance of women, July was officially the hottest month on record in Japan, organizers are considering Daylight Savings Time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, after the execution of 13 members of the Aum cult the Japanese government will provide security to the current justice minister and her family and a mystery of “tentacular” proportions in Sapporo.

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July 20, 2018: Japan heatwave, EU free trade, Son says stupid, forrced kiss and Chaplin in Japan.

In this week’s news from Japan Today: After the floods a heatwave scorches the nation, Japan and EU sign massive free trade agreement, a groper in Yokohama chases after his victim for a forcible kiss and our next installment of Japan Yesterday features Charlie Chaplin stumbling into a coup d’etat.

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Japan Heatwave — read more

July 13, 2018: Western Japan flooding, blind groper, expensive grapes and Tokyo Olympic heat.

In this week’s news from Japan Today: Floods from torrential rain causes landslides and devastation in western Japan, a Tokyo man is arrested for groping women by pretending to be blind, a bunch of Kanazawa grapes sell for over 1 million yen and the heat is on for Olympic organizers to alleviate the effects of the extremely hot and humid Tokyo summer conditions on athletes and spectators.

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July 6, 2018: Aum executions, clean loss, garbage house, flying cars and AI scabs.

In this week’s news from Japan Today: Japan executes Aum Shinrikyo cult founder and six followers simultaneously without prior notice, Japanese soccer team bows out of World Cup but leaves locker room immaculate, a Nagoya ruling allows forcible cleanup of “garbage house,” think tank set up to look at flying cars to alleviate traffic problems plus a magazine reports on jobs that will be made redundant by AI.

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June 29, 2018: Clean up cup, fatal stabbings, hero Trump, childless selfish and Japan yesterday.

In this week’s news from Japan Today: Japan makes it through to the second round of the World Cup and video of Japanese fans cleaning up after the match go viral, a spate of fatal stabbings across the country this week, President Donald Trump claims to be regarded as a “world hero” in Japan, a member of the ruling LDP says that childless couples are “selfish” plus a new series on Japan Today — “Japan Yesterday” — takes a look at famous historical figures’ first visits to the country . read more

June 22, 2018: After the quake, Mexican whine, horrible parents, lunch break and cup runneth over.

In this week’s news from Japan Today: After this week’s magnitude 6.1 earthquake in Osaka wreaked havoc xenophobic rumors spread like wildfire across social media in Japan, President Trump made a disparaging remark to PM Abe at the G7 summit in Canada about Mexican immigrants, another horrific murder of a child at the hands of the parents, an official with Kobe city government is punished for going to lunch three minutes early plus orderly chaos across Japan after celebrations over the country’s 2-1 win over Colombia in its first World Cup match in Russia. read more

June 15, 2018: Kim possible, adults only, dark web, return of the living dead and down vote.

In this week’s news from Japan Today: Prime Minister Abe looks to his own summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, Japan officially lowers the age of adulthood, a heinous murder borne of the “dark web,” return of the living dead plus if you’re not into politics she may not be that into you says a Japanese think tank.

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Kim Possible — read more

June 8, 2018: Bosom buddies, the death of a child, Don Juan, the man who wasn’t dead and office sex.

In this week’s episode: Prime Minister Abe and President Trump deal on trade and Japanese citizens abducted by North Korea, a young child dies from abuse by her parents even though she left heartbreaking notes begging them to stop, the mystery surrounding the death of Japan’s self-proclaimed “Don Juan,” the man who wasn’t dead plus a new poll reveals how many Japanese men and women are having sex at the office all from Japan Today this week.

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June 1, 2018: Feet in mouth, whale of a problem, work Japan, room & abuse and gettin’ it on games.

In this week’s episode: Japanese politicians keep putting their feet in their mouths this time over motherhood and raising children, Japan continues to hunt and kill whales for “research purposes” (whatever that means) and their catch this year yields some horrific information, the Japanese government is opening the doors for more foreign workers to enter the country but there’s a catch — actually, a few of them — we tell you what they are, she rented a room in a couple’s home until she could get another place but she ended up abused and tortured — J-horror at it’s finest hits the news in Japan yet again plus the major influx of athletes and tourists for the upcoming Rugby World Cup and Tokyo Olympics have one company hoping it will help “prop up” their sales so we get “down to business” with that story all on Japan Today this week. read more

May 25, 2018: Playing dirty, the breakup, car troubles, rooms for rent and weird whistler.

In this week’s episode: Dirty tricks on the gridiron when a late tackle leaves a university quarterback injured and an opposing player and coach facing tough questions, President Donald Trump pours cold water on his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Trump threatens to impose huge tariffs on Japanese vehicles imported to the U.S. Sending shock waves through the industry, Platforms like Airbnb are looking to get a boost from new short-term rental laws coming in to effect in Japan this June, but excess regulations could put the squeeze on operators plus a man in Fukuoka Prefecture has been nabbed for stealing crime prevention whistles from children all on Japan Today this week. read more