Dec. 7, 2018: Missing Airmen, Law & Order, Road Rage, Turning Trucks, Police Fight and more.

In this week’s news from Japan Today: 5 U.S. airmen are missing after two military planes collided midair of the coast of Japan; the shock arrest of Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn has put the spotlight on Japan’s criminal justice system; a man is on trial in Yokohama for “road rage” after his actions led to the death of two people and seriously injured their two daughters; four men have been arrested for overturning a truck near Shibuya Crossing during the Halloween craziness and animal crimes in the headlines.

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This weeks stories:

Missing Airmen —

Law & Order —’s-justice-system-in-the-dock

Road Rage —

Turning Trucks —

Police Fight —

Animal Crimes —’s-finger-in-western-japan-city

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