Nov. 2, 2018: JAL D.U.I., Warm Biz, get out, up in smoke and Beatlemania.

In this week’s news from Japan Today: A Japanese airline pilot was arrested for being 10 times over the legal limit for alcohol when he showed up for his flight to Tokyo; November in Japan means it’s time for “Warm Biz,” when the thermostat gets turned down and the sweaters get put on; the governor of Okinawa is headed to the U.S. with a message — get your military bases outta here!; the Japanese government is warning its citizens not to smoke weed in Canada where it’s legal plus a plethora of Paul McCartney in Japan news.

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This weeks stories:
JAL D.U.I. —

Warm Biz —’t-kicks-off-warm-biz-energy-saving-campaign

Get Out! —

Up in Smoke —

Beatlemania —’-‘Glass-Onion’-released-on-Apple-Music

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